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Astrological Reports

Astrological ReportsWe offer a wide selection of Astrological Reports based on the date, time, and place of your birth. Each report has been specially selected to offer you a "Directional Compass" or "Spiritual Blueprint" of your strengths and challenges as they can relate to the past, present, and future.

Ordering is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Browse the selection of Astrological Reports available by using either the icon or link selectors.
  2. After you have made your selection(s), fill out the Information Form at the bottom of the selected Astrological Report's Profile Page and "click" the Submit button.
  3. On our Thank You! page, "click" the Click Here button to be taken to The Metaphysical Store where you can place and pay for your purchase using any major credit card. The payment system uses 128-bit encryption and is on a secure server. You can pay with complete confidence!

Upon receiving your order, our in-house Astrologers will cast your Natal Chart then personally review and analyze the position of the planets, aspects, and other bodies or indicators, as is applicable to your requested report prior to e-mailing it to you.

Please Note:

  • All report prices are shown in US Dollars on their applicable Profile Page.
  • Online reports are e-mailed in .pdf format within 1-2 business days of receipt of order.
  • If you are ordering multiple reports for the same person you do not need to complete more than one form. (The exception to this is a Compatibility Report where information on both parties will be needed).
  • Important - If you use a SPAM blocker you may not be able to receive the email containing your report unless you add the domain themetaphysicalsociety.com to your e-mail software "whitelist" of allowable incoming e-mail addresses. There is little we can do from our end if your e-mail software blocks our e-mail transmissions and you cannot receive your report!

"Click" any of the icon or link selectors to open the selected Astrological Report's Profile Page to review the informative detail it contains and how it can enhance your understanding of yourself. Also, make sure to "click" on its sample report to see a complete example of what you will be receiving

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Astrological Reports 
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